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Cerebroid is a new age media company with a focus on bridging the gap between traditional marketing methods and emerging technologies. Our localization services make languages and borders irrelevant and help products and services reach people at every corner of the world. Our content team has expertise in all forms on modern audio visual media and is even exploring the upcoming fields of virtual reality and augmented reality.



Our Services

Our broad range of content services include the following :

Voice Over
We provide Voice-Over services in all Indian languages and most major foreign languages. We analyze the material which needs to be recorded and then recommend appropriate artists, based on the region, content-type, accent and target audience for which the voice over has to be developed. These comprehensive voiceover services can be utilized for all kinds of projects including e-learning, telephone IVR prompts, radio and TV commercials, computer based online training, flash movies, CD Rom presentations, documentaries, training videos, etc. We also do dubbing in various languages.
We offer Translation services to and from over a 100 Indian and International languages and are capable of handling with all kinds of technical and non-technical content. While most competent translators can provide a literal translation into the desired language, our writers understand that their job is not just to translate, but to localize. If you are looking at outsourcing your company’s translation work, every language is a local language for us. We have excellent resources, native translators and experienced bilingual experts to give you the edge on localization at costs significant lesser than our competitors.
Website services
We offer a whole spectrum of website services ranging from website designing, localization, search engine optimization and social media support. Our website services are unique and are driven by pure business logic and aim at great end user usability experience. With our team’s combined experience in graphic design, website development, social media and e-commerce programming, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web developers can deliver on time and on budget.
Social Media
Over the past years social media has become an imperative tool for internet marketers. It has gradually made a place for itself and is steadily changing the pattern of how individuals or corporate houses market, promote and maintain their present and potential customer base online. Engagement in social media is indispensable for any reputed brand, as it enables them to reach their customers in just no time. Our services provide you with a lot of flexibility and creativity in using social media applications and websites. Apart from helping you to cultivate an image, we also ensure that the loyalty of customers is earned through continuous interaction.
Content Production
Our content production division can help you in creating any kind of audio-visual media from scratch. Be it radio recordings, animations, live action films, flash or even virtual reality content, we can help you create outstanding and engaging media. As brand management experts, we can help you to cultivate a stellar image and maintain it by continuing to build-up on what you have already established. All the tools and strategies implemented by Cerebroid will help you distinguish your company, products or services from the competition and create a lasting impression with your clientèle.
Cerebroid’s creative services team has a wealth of knowledge and experience producing work of the highest standards across all forms of media. We cover the full gamut of creative services from art working and storyboarding through to retouching, 3D modeling and digital photography. We turn creation into a managed, end-to-end process which saves you costs while getting your message across, exactly as you intended it to.

Sample Projects

A showcase of some of the types of projects we have undertaken in various sectors.

Leadership Team

Meet the people who help get your work done on time and in style.

Jobin Baby Varghese

Jobin Baby Varghese


Technology Addict, Educator, Content and VR Expert .




People Person, Sports Buff and Strategist

Joby SImon

Joby SImon


Roadie, Foodie, Travel enthusiast, Perfectionist.

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