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We provide Voice-Over services in all Indian languages and most major foreign languages. We analyse the material which needs to be recorded and then recommend appropriate artists, based on the region, content-type, accent and target audience for which the voice over has to be developed. These comprehensive voiceover services can be utilised for all kinds of projects including e-learning, telephone IVR prompts, radio and TV commercials, computer based online training, flash movies, CD Rom presentations, documentaries, training videos, etc. We also do dubbing in various languages.


Cerebroid’s creative services team has a wealth of knowledge and experience producing work of the highest standards across all forms of media. We cover the full gamut of creative services from art working and storyboarding through to retouching, 3D modeling and digital photography. We turn creation into a managed, end-to-end process which saves you costs while getting your message across, exactly as you intended it to.


We offer Translation services to and from over a 100 Indian and International languages and are capable of handling all kinds of technical and non-technical content. While most competent translators can provide a literal translation into the desired language, our writers understand that their job is not just to translate, but to localise. If you are looking at outsourcing your company’s translation work, every language is a local language for us. We have excellent resources, native translators and experienced bilingual experts to give you the edge on localization at costs significantly lesser than our competitors.


Our content production division can help you in creating any kind of audio-visual media from scratch. Be it radio recordings, animations, live action films, flash or even virtual reality content, we can help you create outstanding and engaging media. As brand management experts, we can help you to cultivate a stellar image and maintain it by continuing to build-up on what you have already established. All the tools and strategies implemented by Cerebroid will help you distinguish your company, products or services from the competition and create a lasting impression with your clientèle.


Over the past years social media has become an imperative tool for internet marketers. It has gradually made a place for itself and is steadily changing the pattern of how individuals or corporate houses market, promote and maintain their present and potential customer base online. Engagement in social media is indispensable for any reputed brand, as it enables them to reach their customers in just no time. Our services provide you with a lot of flexibility and creativity in using social media applications and websites. Apart from helping you to cultivate an image, we also ensure that the loyalty of customers is earned through continuous interaction.

Welcome to Cerebroid!

Your one stop solution for Translation, Voice Over and Creative Services.

About Us

Cerebroid was born out of a vision to revolutionise the manner in which media services are done today. Cerebroid’s services span all the way from the conventional domains of advertising and media agencies to the emerging markets of web-based and social media services. We streamline our work by developing E-business collaborations with the best partners and resources all across the world.

Domain Expertise

Every type of content job required experts that are familiar with that particular type of content. We know this and have a broad array of on-boarded specialists to fulfill almost every need.

Cutting Edge

We title ourselves as a ``new age`` media company and don't mind stepping out of our comfort zones to embrace new technology. With moves like our foray into Virtual Reality, we are ready to enable you to face the future, even in the Metaverse.

Retainer Model

Most clients and projects of ours have been associated with us for years or even over a decade. We take pride in the fact that we can dig up information and seamlessly carry on projects that we had worked on ages ago just as we would for an ongoing one.

7x24 Support

We are just a phone call or email away if you need anything at an unexpected juncture. Don't hesitate to reach out; getting your work done is our pleasure and we take pride in being available for you.


Cerebroid's range of services covers the whole gamut of the content creation spectrum,
all the way from storyboarding to localization. is a independent division of Cerebroid that specializes in content creation and demos for Virtual Reality.One of the First companies to get into the VR Space in India and operates as a Full Service VR Production House.What sets apart is its key focus on R&D in VR hardware and developing New Workflows with a focus on creating unique and outstanding content.Learn more about our work by checking our updates on Facebook :

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These are the things that set us apart from our competitors

mini-phoneOver the years, our team has worked with millions of words and endless hours of audio and video content. The repetitive but ever so different nature of the work has ensured that we have streamlined our production cycles to make it as lean and efficient as possible. We know how to get multimedia content produced and processed in the optimum amount of time without adopting any shortcuts to get there.

mini-phone1In today’s world fast paced world, work that doesn’t get delivered on time is as good as work that is not done at all. Time is of the essence and Cerebroid knows this better than anyone else. We make a commitment to adhere to our deadlines while striving to get things finalized even earlier. Our understanding that no project is the same ensures that we customize our timelines to every job we take up and painstakingly meet it on time, everytime.

A constantly evolving yet refined quality assurance mechanism is one of the hallmarks of Cerebroid. As soon as we get a new project, our QC team develops a custom QA template for that job to ensure that any misses are caught out and rectified before the job moves to the next step of production. Correcting an error on time significantly lessens delays and chances for errors further down the production process. Not having to come back to us often with corrections is one of the standout statements that we often hear from our clients.

Awesome Design

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Improved Documentation

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Clean Coded

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Our Skills

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Content Design 55%
Localization 85%
Audio Services 75%
Production 70%
Virtual Reality 85%
Photography and Videography 65%

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